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Mobile phone shell manufacturers tell you about the decline of PC hard shells

by:Jolly     2021-12-09
What I want to share today is also about PC hard shells. The first mobile phone protective cover used PC hard materials or ABC hard shells. The advanced scientific name is polycarbonate. Everyone also uses PC hard shells instead. It is easier to understand. In the past, when TPU materials were not widely used in mobile phone cases, PC hard cases were all used. Two-in-one PC+TPU mobile phone case wholesale material: (click on the picture to view the connection) Why there are more PC hard cases in the initial application, mainly because the cases on the mobile phones at that time all use this kind of material, so the masters of the model are all I have more work experience in the development and design of such hard maintenance, and the development and design risk is low. Aside from the topic, the development and design of the mold structure of the TPU soft shell and the PC hard shell are different and cannot be universal. The development and design of injection molds for PC hard shells are very simple, and the relativity of TPU is much more complicated. The structure of the initial pc shell is not all-inclusive. This is due to the characteristics of the pc material. If the result is all-inclusive, it is difficult to install and difficult to disassemble. However, the coating process and water transfer process are very difficult to install. Convenient, due to the rigidity of the board, the all-inclusive pc is also a structure developed and designed by the manufacturer here in Panyu, Guangzhou in 2021. There is an opening on four sides to allow the pc to have a little bit of spacing to ensure that the phone can be inserted into it. , But it is also very difficult in the case of dismantling. Therefore, I still love the incomplete pc case today. The characteristic of the pc hard shell is very obvious, that is, the anti-yellow service life is longer. In addition, it can be installed to cater to the white product with super clear and similar to the actual effect of amethyst. It is also very easy to produce and process, such as water transfer and pc spray paint touch paint. The service life of the material is much longer than that of the tpu. The defect is also very significant, that is, it is difficult to disassemble the all-inclusive structure. If the defensiveness of the non-all-inclusive structure is weak, and if the surface of the pc hard shell is made of a bright surface, it is very easy to kowtow and cause many ugly scratches. One of the most fatal defects is that the road surface will undoubtedly crack and cannot be repaired. The most satisfactory for the pc hard shell is to do the water transfer printing process. After the water transfer transfer paper is encapsulated, the pattern design can be maintained for a long time after the uv light solid coating is reapplied. If the encapsulation water transfer transfer If the paper is pasted with the encapsulated vulcanized rubber oil coating, the service life is slightly weaker and the touch feels good. This is also very difficult to choose. But frankly speaking, the touch oil of the PC hard shell feels more comfortable than the TPU, and it is more comfortable than the silicone rubber. The oil is slightly weaker. However, PC hard shells do not have detailed cysticity and are more troublesome. Since the TPU soft shell is generally opened, the indoor space requirement of the PC hard shell is getting lower and lower. Because many people think that the service life of soft materials is relatively long, because the softness is not easy to cause the pavement to rot as soon as it is dropped, and the original softness has good impact resistance and absorption, only the pc is slightly less resistant to yellowing and embrittlement. However, the cycle time for general customers to dismantle and replace mobile phone cases is also about one month (ladies dismantle and replace mobile phone cases basically in a week, which is also obtained from the repeated purchase data information of online customer service of Taobao Tmall customers), and this situation can basically be ignored. After the pc hard shell gradually lost the sales market, it survived as a new structure of pc tpu, which is the independent injection molding of the pc version into the mold shell of the TPU composite structure, which is used as the side plate to adapt to the strength of the mobile phone case. The four edges are integrated with the TPU soft structure, which is also a very good plan. Since UV painting has a high requirement on the flatness of the reverse side, the flatness of the back version of the PC TPU structure of the mobile phone case now makes the production and processing of UV more and more Easy and easy and its actual effect is stronger, the four-sided hard bag structure makes the mobile phone case easy to disassemble, and it is a perfect way to match the material pictures and the processing technology. Speaking of today, I haven't mentioned the content of the article about the processing technology structure for a long time, so I shared a small part today, and I hope everyone will love it.
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