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Mobile phone shell material manufacturers

by:Jolly     2021-12-27

Mobile phone case wholesale material manufacturersu200bFrom the material point of view, it is perfectly suitable for: ceramic tiles, glass, metal, ceramics, crystal, wood, leather, cloth, acrylic, plastic, plastic, stone, PVC, ABS, KT board, hair Foam board, silica gel, density board, bamboo fiber board, etc. It can be said that he can print almost all flat objects.

The industries and products commonly used by mobile phone shell material manufacturers are as follows:

Building materials: ceramic tiles, stone, glass, wood flooring, wall panels, bamboo fiberboard, density board, UV board, Marble, wood plastic panel

Home decoration: background wall, glass sliding door, partition, toilet cover, water tank, integrated ceiling, ceiling,

Home decoration: wardrobe door, desktop, bedside table, sofa , Cabinet doors, home appliance panels, venetian blinds, bamboo curtain paintings, screens, carpets, yoga mats

Advertising: metal signs, acrylic, signs, light boxes, identification signs, VIP cards, authorization cards, door heads House number

Electronics: mobile phone shell, keyboard, mouse, ipad shell, U disk, notebook shell, MP4, computer case, power bank, hard disk shell

Apparel: T-shirt, sun hat , Canvas shoes, sports shoes, sneakers, bags, bags, wallets

Hardware: tin painting, tinplate, tea cans, electrical cabinets, equipment panels, stainless steel, aluminum gussets, aluminum paintings, saw blades< /p>

Toys: Rubik’s cube, building blocks, gyroscopes, skateboards, surfboards, lighters, shells, wooden combs, hairpins, plastic toys

Stationery: pencils, stationery boxes, rulers, color stickers, Drawing boards, school bags, guitar panels

Crafts: porcelain painting, wood painting, triptych, ice crystal painting, packing box, keychain, bamboo products, wood products

personal customization: travel Boxes, glasses frames, wine boxes, wedding gifts, souvenirs, packing boxes, theme paintings

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