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Mobile phone tips: How to clean the phone case if it is dirty?

by:Jolly     2021-12-27
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Metal phone case
First, use a damp cloth to clean the phone case from dust. There is dust in the crevices of the metal phone case, which can be cleaned with a toothbrush and soap. The metal phone case is easy to clean the dust, so you don't need to use too much force to brush it. Just brush it lightly to achieve the effect. If there are very sticky or stubborn stains, you can use alcohol or cleaning agents to clean them. Alcohol and cleaning agents have good cleaning effects on paints, pigments, and building materials. Compared with alcohol, the cleaning agent is not easy to burn, is colorless and tasteless, and it is safe to use. If there is rust, it is recommended to use 2% acid grass solvent to dissolve it, spray it on the rusty place, and then wipe it off with a paper towel or rag after 2-3 minutes. Remember to wipe off the water stains and liquids on the phone case with a dry cloth at the end.
Silicone phone case wholesale
First soak the dry cloth in water and wash it once, then wring out the water fully, and let it dry until the moisture is low, and clean the inside and outside of the phone case once. If there is dirt or dust on the phone case, use a soft toothbrush with some toothpaste to clean it, if it is stuck with oil stains, you can stick some detergent to clean it. If there are strong sticky stains such as glue on the phone case wholesale, use a cotton swab to stick a small amount of air oil on the stain evenly, and then use a small toothbrush to clean it, so that stubborn stains can be removed. Finally, wipe and dry the phone case with a dry cloth, and it will fit on your beloved phone beautifully.
Frosted phone case wholesale
Non-sticky stains: For this kind of stains, the frosted phone case is very easy to take care of, and it can be cleaned only by gently brushing with a soft toothbrush. Strong sticky stains: such as chewing gum and paint sticky stains, you can use a soft toothbrush to stick to the wind oil to clean up.
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