Must see! Choose mobile phone holsters carefully

by:Jolly     2021-12-30

After the advent of smart phones, many people are inseparable from their mobile phones and regard them as their lifeblood. Therefore, many people will buy a variety of mobile phone cases to protect their phones. But no one knows that some mobile phone holsters can also bring harm to the body.

The quality of the phone case wholesale is poor. If the quality of your mobile phone leather case is relatively poor, it will have a relatively unpleasant chemical smell, and the pigments in it are heavier. Long-term use may cause your body to be harmed by chemical substances, and more serious may cause it. Girls must pay attention to your infertility.

Mobile phone protective shells generally have three common mobile phone cover materials in daily life: plastic, silicone and leather. Experiments have shown that heating the temperature to 45°C and analyzing the gas released after using the mobile phone for an hour, it is found that the most harmful substance released by the mobile phone cover is not benzene, which is popular on the Internet, but formaldehyde. However, formaldehyde is also a potent carcinogen. Inhalation may also cause leukemia. And with the increase of temperature, the amount of formaldehyde emitted by mobile phone cases is still on the rise.

So when choosing a mobile phone leather case, be careful not to choose a pungent mobile phone leather strip, and choose some more formal brands.

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