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One of the manufacturers of mobile phone cases-silicone mobile phone cases vs. tempered glass mobile phone cases. Who is stronger?

by:Jolly     2021-12-07
There are many kinds of materials for mobile phone cases, and the most popular ones are silicone mobile phone cases and tempered glass mobile phone cases. Silicone mobile phone cases have always been warmly welcomed by consumers because of its gentle connection. The popularity of the tempered glass mobile phone case is fortunately the latest iPhone released by the US Apple. The back design of the latest iPhone uses fiberglass material, which is full of fashion. This type of new breakthrough has been loved by many people, so the transaction volume of laminated glass mobile phone cases has also risen vertically. There is a question of tempered film. Which mobile phone case should I choose? Silicone and tempered glass, which one is better to use? Don’t panic, I chose 2 mobile phone cases today, let’s take a look. one look. 1. Tempered glass mobile phone case This mobile phone case actually uses a two-material design scheme, with tempered glass on the back as the key raw material, and soft glue on the side. The tempered glass back cover also uses a two-layer design. The inner layer uses a glass explosion-proof film layer, and the surface layer uses reinforced laminated glass. First-class anti-fall effect. In addition, there are hidden murderous intentions inside the phone case. The honeycomb-shaped air tank is embedded, and the honeycomb-shaped design can disperse the impact and disperse the energy concentrated at one end. In addition, the soft-frame outer frame and the four-corner thickened design have the effect of secondary safety protection. The tempered film is most suitable to say, or the laminated glass back cover with super attractive value. After all, mobile phone cases can't just focus on basic functions, and beauty is also very important. The laminated glass back cover can show a sense of high-level hierarchy, is very emotional, and shows the noble aura of people, which is very suitable for commercial service personnel. In addition, the toughened glass back cover is not easy to scratch and scratches due to its high strength. The most important point is related to fast charging. Now the fast charging method is being further promoted. The fast charging device has a signal transmitter, which will check for dirt. If the other materials are used, it is very likely that they will fail the test, and the battery cannot be charged normally, but the laminated glass phone case wholesale is unlikely to be harmful at all. Tempered film 2. Silicone phone case This silicone phone case, in addition to the traditional fully transparent style, is only filled with a single color to prevent the embarrassing problem of yellowing of the phone case, and it is also very environmentally friendly. Like the last mobile phone case, this silicone mobile phone case wholesale also uses a design scheme with an embedded air capsule, so it will not be afraid of bumps when it falls. In addition, on the periphery of the lens, there is a protruding edging strip design. This type of quality can play the role of maintaining the camera lens to prevent it from being scratched or damaged. Due to the use of silica gel, this mobile phone case is softer and more flexible than laminated glass. And compared with laminated glass, silica gel is thinner and thinner, only 0.7mm up and down. The entry-level feel is like the original machine, which is especially suitable for the original machine party. This phone case with tempered film is also specially treated with a matte finish. Compared with pure silicone material, grinding yarn can expand the sliding friction and prevent the phone from breaking; secondly, it can improve the layering of the phone case and make it more advanced. In general, the silicone phone case and the laminated glass phone case wholesale are different, and there is no certain victory or defeat. If you are looking for the perfect layering of laminated glass, then the tempered glass phone case is the best choice. If you like the application experience of the original phone, and if you want to use a soft phone case, then the sanded phone case is the most suitable. Both types of mobile phone cases are very good, choose which one to follow your love!
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