Personalized custom pillows are really beautiful, you can try it too!

by:Jolly     2021-12-21

It can be said that personalized customized products have penetrated into all aspects of life. Pay close attention to your life, and you will find that this is really the case!

We see that the most used and most used is the private customization of mobile phone cases, as well as other small gifts such as U Disk Acrylic Board Cap Labeled Canvas Bags... and high-end shirts Customization, T-shirt customization, shoe customization, hairstyle customization, etc. are also becoming more and more popular.

Personalized and personalized customization has gradually become a trend from people's niche love. Today, this article is going to talk about a product in the field of personalized customization---personalized private customized pillow.

What is a personalized private pillow?

Personalization refers to the fact that the product is no longer the same pattern of the household goods factory, but may be different in style, color, pattern, etc. Private refers to the end product that is produced according to customer needs.

The household goods factory no longer produces the most terminal product, but a semi-finished product; again, after the combination of personalized customization merchants and customer needs, the final personalized product is produced, and the customer determines the final product Determine the power.

How does the personalized customization business make the customer's needs a reality? In fact, it is a personalized customized equipment printing machine.

This machine prints the product according to the pattern generated in the client’s computer software. If you want to print your own photo on the pillow, first upload the picture to the printing software to locate the pattern, and then The semi-finished pillow can be printed in the designated area. Generally, it takes 3-5 minutes to produce the pillow that the customer wants, which is really super simple.

A personalized product that can quickly print this is still the company’s personalized printing equipment, a true universal UV printer, a small UV with unlimited materials Custom equipment.

For product details, please see this link:

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