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Personalized customization of mobile phone cases, how to choose a mobile phone case

by:Jolly     2021-12-29
u200b1. Don’t look too fancy mobile phone cases can be described as various and dazzling, so we can’t pick a phone case too fancy, it needs to be practical, right, so don’t be too fancy, it’s not easy to hold the phone instead. ,uncomfortable. 2. Silicone mobile phone cases need heat dissipation. Those who choose silicone mobile phone cases should pay attention to that, because silicone mobile phone cases are not easy to dissipate heat, so you must choose a hole for heat dissipation when choosing, otherwise the body will easily become hot and not dissipate heat. Burn out the internal parts of the phone. 3. The wavy edge feels good when choosing a phone case. It is best to choose a phone case with some wavy or other shapes on the edge of the phone case, because it feels very good when holding the phone and it is not easy to drop the phone. 4. There are many types of mobile phone shells that match the mobile phone with flexible button holes, but there are no obvious button holes in the place of the buttons. Such mobile phone shell buttons are not flexible and convenient to use, so be sure to pay attention to the matching phone shell buttons. hole. 5. TPU soft rubber sleeve is easy to get dirty. Try to choose TPU soft rubber sleeve as little as possible. Although it feels good, it is easy to get dirty, and it can hardly be washed off if it is dirty. If you are a person who often changes phone cases, you can consider it. 6. There are so many advantages of leather mobile phone cases. Those who are afraid of dirty mobile phone screen are highly recommended to choose leather mobile phone cases. The holster not only protects the cleanliness of the phone screen, but also plays a great role in protecting the entire body of the phone. It is also convenient to answer the phone, and you can watch movies standing upright, which can be said to have many advantages. 7. Diamond-encrusted mobile phone cases for DIY, those who like to buy mobile phone cases know that mobile phone cases inlaid with rhinestones are very expensive, so what should I do if I really like it? In fact, it's very simple. Many shops on the Internet have a complete set of tools for selling mobile phone case rhinestones. You can buy them for your own DIY. It is a very simple process and you will learn it once you learn it. This can save a lot of money. 8. Protruding protective screen mobile phone case With a mobile phone case, sometimes the mobile phone falls on the ground, and it is distressing if the screen is on the ground. Therefore, if you choose a mobile phone case wholesale, the editor still highly recommends choosing a protruding mobile phone case. This is protection. The screen of the mobile phone cannot reach the ground even if the screen is on the ground. 9. Mobile phone case protection screen film frame set. Choose a mobile phone case and you can also choose a whole color set, which can not only protect the body, but also has a film to protect the screen. The most important thing is that the whole set looks very beautiful and cute. ! ~10. The phone case must fit the phone. No matter what material the phone case is, the most basic one must fit the phone.
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