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Personalized customization of mobile phone cases-will be the ultimate direction of the mobile phone case industry

by:Jolly     2021-12-16

Nowadays, the screens of mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger, and mobile phones are getting more and more fragile. Accordingly, a new industry-mobile phone protective cases was born, which is used to protect and extend the service life of mobile phones. In recent years, with the launch of iPhone mobile phones and the increase of high-end mobile phones, the styles and functions of mobile phone protective shells have also begun to show diversification. The mobile phone protective case not only has the function of protecting the mobile phone, it is acting as an ornament and becoming a new landscape on the mobile phone.

Although the mobile phone case is only a derivative of a mobile phone, the mobile phone case itself has a low manufacturing threshold, strong plasticity, and high market demand, which has attracted the attention of mobile phone manufacturers. With the continuous expansion of the mobile phone case market, smart phones with one hand are often covered with various mobile phone cases, and mobile phone cases have become necessities from a vassal.

On the one hand, the mobile phone case market is almost zero threshold. As long as you determine the material of the mobile phone case, and then make a mold according to the shape of the mobile phone case wholesale, you can get it on the market. In the face of the huge market 'money' scene, many competitors flock to it. However, there is a lack of standards, supervision, and management in the mobile phone case industry. Many small manufacturers and copycat companies follow suit to market at low prices, and the quality of products on the market is uneven.

On the other hand, the homogeneity of mobile phone case products is serious and full of black technology. At the same time, most of the market share is divided by many small manufacturers, making it difficult to gather industry giants. Therefore, in the market chaos with serious homogeneity and lack of supervision, mobile phone case brands can only stand firm if they create differentiated product advantages.

And some new industries with the design of personalized mobile phone cases as the main direction have brought new breakthroughs to the mobile phone supporting industry.

For example, some personalized mobile phone case online stores, they first design and draw some unique style mobile phone case wholesale templates, and then cooperate with manufacturers to mass-produce personalized mobile phone cases, and finally sell them through the online store consumer. Although the price is higher than that of ordinary mobile phone cases, it has a unique style and is sought after by consumers. Mobile phone supporting services that tend to be personalized have begun to become the next profit-seeking point for mobile phone manufacturers.

As the next unique market segment of the mobile phone accessories industry, the personalized customization of mobile phone shells is closely related to the changes in people's consumption concepts. In recent years, the development of smart phones has been very rapid, the replacement cycle of mobile phones has been greatly shortened, and the popularity of mid-to-high-end mobile phones have made people have higher aesthetic requirements for the appearance of mobile phones. According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, China has a population of more than 1.3 billion, and the number of mobile phone users has already exceeded 1.7 billion. Supermarkets with plenty of opportunities have been formed.

In recent years, customized mobile phone cases have gradually become a way for young people to show their individuality, and mobile phone cases have also evolved from a single practical product to fashion accessories.

As the saying goes, 'people rely on clothes, horses and saddlesYoung people like to catch up with trends, pursue high quality, and dislike the same. They will definitely lead the entire industry to transform and upgrade, so the personalization of mobile phone cases will surely become the ultimate direction of this industry.

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