Personalized customized electroplating transparent mobile phone case-unforgettable at first sight

by:Jolly     2021-12-21

The electroplating transparent mobile phone case, the simple style design reveals a different fashion, beautiful and gorgeous appearance, giving you a light and thin hands-on experience.

The hand feels delicate and satisfying. The needs of business executives will bring you a brand new experience.

Multiple colors can be selected, you can choose the color that suits your phone case, and it is integrated with the phone body, so the existence of the case is completely invisible.

The red gold-plated shell gives you a skin-like touch. The hand feel and the appearance are perfectly matched to achieve lightness and luxury, and the hand feel is comfortable.

The hard shell is non-slip and sweat-proof, combined with the ultra-thin design, and the dark gray shell will not yellow or change color after long-term use.

Of course, I saw a newer mobile phone case wholesale on the Internet. There are many small holes on the quilt of the case. The heat dissipation function of the mobile phone is well reflected. This is also a very good product.

But you can’t use personalized printing! This is also a disadvantage!

After all, if you play games for a long time, the phone will definitely heat up significantly. Having so many small holes will definitely increase the heat loss and increase the running speed of the phone’s CPU

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The company currently does not have such a mobile phone case. If such a mobile phone case comes out, would you like to use it?

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