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Personalized mobile phone case customization machine

by:Jolly     2022-01-01

Mobile phone case customization is a new project. The market competition is small. There is no doubt that today’s mobile phone case market has entered the era of price wars. Business products, or additional products, add a revenue channel, and the differentiation of mobile phone case customization makes it easy to attract customers.

  Customized mobile phone cases have many repeat customers and a large harvest space; personalized customized mobile phones The shell price is tens of yuan, and there is still enough room for harvest after subtracting the cost. Don't you see that the most common mobile phone film costs more than a dozen yuan. Never underestimate the consumption level of Chinese residents. With a customized mobile phone case, it is natural to talk about wherever you go; it should be a logical thing to attract more people to buy it.

  The customized joining of Duobao mobile phone case wholesale brings consumers products with their own unique personality. Each product is customized according to customer requirements. Nowadays, private customized projects must not be edited. Everyone knows that, who doesn’t want their own things to be different? That's why this year's personalized customization project is popular!

The operation of   Duobao mobile phone shell printer is simple, a mobile phone, truly online, diy, customized, 90-second fast printing, no complicated operation links, customers add pictures on the mobile phone through the Internet, Design and other submissions. After the merchant finds the order in the background, he gets the corresponding printed items and puts them on the printer for one-click printing.

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