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Precautions for IML Process Engineering Evaluation

by:Jolly     2022-01-10

Precautions for IML Process Engineering Evaluation

1) Injection thickness: It is recommended that the average meat thickness is not less than 1.2 mm (1.0 mm without Film)

2) Film thickness specifications are: 0.1 mm, 0.125 mm, 0.175 mm

3) Film single-chip printing, more suitable for small and diverse design occasions

4) The appearance color is bright silver. Metallic colors such as electroplated silver are not suitable for this method. It is easy to cause the film to peel off due to high and low temperatures.

5) The size of the outer edge of the film has an absolute relationship with the size of the mold cavity, too small or too large will cause the mold cavity to stretch out and cause edge leakage

6) The minimum diameter of the round hole on the lens is Φ1.0 mm

7) The position of Lens P.L is generally at the bottom of the Lens, if the draft angle is the problem, it can be at the position of 0.2 mm from the bottom edge of the film.

8) The draft angle of the lens is generally 3o

9) For the case of Lens appearance height difference, Film must be shaped beforehand;

10) Design of rounded corners: The appearance of IML can not create a sharp appearance. The contour of the appearance should avoid sharp corners. Therefore, there should be no sharp corners in the design. The corners of the product must have a rounded corner (at least 0.3R required)

11) Hemming problem: Hemming refers to the edge part where the film and the plastic join. This edge cannot be very neat after injection molding. Therefore, when we design products using IML, we can block the edging with plastic parts

12) Surface abrasion resistance requirement: 3H or more
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