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Process flow of IML mobile phone case

by:Jolly     2021-12-09
Cutting---Plane printing---Ink drying and fixing---sticking protective film---punching positioning holes---thermoforming---cutting peripheral shape---injection molding of data

The details are as follows:

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1. Cutting material: Cut the roll film Film into a square block with a designed size for printing and forming processes.
2. Plane printing: Make a film screen according to the required icons and texts, and print the icons and texts on the cut film square blocks.
3. Drying and fixing of ink: Put the printed film Film square in a high-temperature oven and dry it, the intention is to fix the IML ink.
4. Paste protective film: Avoid scratching the surface of the printed film during the process of punching positioning holes. Sometimes a single-layer or double-layer protective film is required.
5. Punching positioning holes: positioning holes for thermoforming must be punched accurately. The positioning holes in the shearing process are sometimes punched in advance.
6. Thermoforming (high pressure or copper mold): After heating the printed film, use a high pressure machine or copper mold to form it in a preheated state.
7. Cut the outer shape: cut off the waste of the formed three-dimensional film.
8. Material injection: Put the film with the same three-dimensional shape as the front mold on the front mold to inject IML products.
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