Qilai leather teaches you how to clean mobile phone holsters more comprehensively

by:Jolly     2021-12-18
Qilai leather teaches you how to clean the phone holster more comprehensively. If the phone holster is not too dirty, clean it with water and dry it with a soft cloth. Use toothpaste to clean the silicone sleeve and repeatedly wipe it with a lens cloth to achieve the cleaning effect. Toothpaste is also a very good cleaning tool. If you wipe it with an eraser, you can clean up the stolen goods. If the dirt on your protective cover is not very serious, you can wipe it several times with the eraser, and it will also have a good cleaning effect. For leather mobile phone holsters, use a soft cotton cloth dipped in some leather-specific cleaning agent and gently scrub it. If it is too dirty, it is recommended to send it to a special leather maintenance shop to clean it. After cleaning, the leather goods should be maintained accordingly, such as oiling, which is not too expensive. If the silicone case is a small stain, dip your fingers in water and soap and gently wipe the area with a dry towel. You can wipe it gently with alcohol. The effect is good. Then, wipe it with a soft cloth or dry it in a cool place. The mobile phone case wholesale has always been proud of its bright colors, dirt will cover its beauty, and the beauty will die away. Both manufacturers and users are reluctant to see such a scene. As one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phone cases in Dongguan, Qilai leather goods should be responsible for the products and users, and tell our users the convenient and effective cleaning methods in the production process of mobile phone cases and daily life.
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