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Qilai teaches you how to choose a good mobile phone case?

by:Jolly     2021-12-18
Qilai teaches you how to choose a good mobile phone case wholesale?

First, holsters, holsters, good holsters are of course made of leather. The leather of the holster has a lot of greasiness. Some are not leather at all, some are half leather, and some are all leather. The real leather also includes cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, etc., even if the cow skin is layered. . . Even a friend of the editor who makes leather goods said that it is easy to faint. In fact, leather cases are usually made of cowhide, because pigskin is too hard and sheepskin is too soft, so they are not suitable for leather wallets and the like. To put it simply, we have three points to look at the leather: look, smell, and touch. Look. First of all, look at the lines. The lines are neat and symmetrical. They are all suppressed. If the lines are completely flawless, pay attention. Cows have legs, belly and tail. A good skin will not be exactly the same in every part. smell. Then smell the ‘skin smell’. . . In fact, the so-called skin taste is the taste of the cowhide itself mixed with the putrefaction agent. touch. The surface of the leather should be soft and elastic. The most important point is that all colors, including black, are dyed. If the leather case leaves a mark on your pants when you are sweating profusely, it will be troublesome. You can sneak some water and rub it with your fingers to see if it will wipe off the paint.

Second, you can see if the inner surface is also real leather, because some leathers will stick to the phone shell after a long time of use, and some leathers are harder. This is generally difficult to distinguish. If there is a hole for a mobile phone strap or a stylus socket, you can take a closer look at its material. Many of the so-called internal anti-leather holsters I saw are leather. Everyone should pay more attention when purchasing. Of course, leather cases with leather inside are relatively cheap, so you can buy them according to your own economic situation.

Thirdly, look at the turner. A good leather case should be neatly turned, the line and the edge are equidistant, strictly speaking, the needle eye and the needle eye are also equidistant. If you think the previous two points are both more troublesome, I suggest that the easiest way is to see whether the lathes are neat. The holsters that the lathes are very neat are at least made by factories of a certain scale, and the materials will not be too bad.

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