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Relevant process and design considerations for imd panels

by:Jolly     2022-01-10

With the development of technology, traditional plastic processing technology has gradually been unable to meet the needs of the new era. Light, thin and short consumer electronics and environmental awareness have risen. IMD technology has emerged on this basis. IMD is an internationally popular surface decoration technology. The surface hardened transparent film, the middle printing pattern layer, the back injection layer, and the ink middle can make the product resistant to friction, prevent the surface from being scratched, and can keep the color bright and not easy to fade for a long time.
The many advantages of (IMD) are suitable for plastic products of 3C, home appliances, LOGO nameplates and auto parts, especially popular mobile phone casings and various imd panels; the following briefly introduces the relevant process and design considerations of IMD :

What is IMD?

IMD/IML is In Mold Decoration, (In Mold
Lamination) English initials abbreviation refers to in-mold transfer and in-mold decoration inlaid injection molding technology.

Introduction to the principle of imd panel:

Double-sided IMD:

Single-sided IMD decorative sheet, currently the thinnest can be 0.6MM, but the development cycle will be longer, due to deformation debugging, etc., so double-sided IMD appeared, related design considerations are as follows:

Regarding silk screen specifications:

1) Pay attention to the IMD silk screen printing in the position of the horn hole, the tolerance of the ink transfer to the shell material is +-0.25MM, so the silk screen cannot be completely leaned on the edge of the hole. The minimum diameter of the other hole is 2.2MM, and the minimum spacing is 1.2MM.

2) The width of the silk screen thin line is the smallest 0.25MM, and the minimum spacing is 0.3MM;

3) If a lot of small dots are gathered together, laser engraving is required later, and the distance between the holes (edge u200bu200bdistance to the edge) must be controlled to a minimum of 0.8MM

When the two colors or effects of the imd panel are in one piece, it is necessary to make a 0.5mm wide and 0.15mm deep art line, because the IMD screen printing tolerance is +-0.25MM.

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