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Samsung S21+ environmentally friendly phone case unveiled, made of recycled plastic bottles

by:Jolly     2022-01-03

   [Mobile China News] Today is Arbor Day. On this special day, Samsung and Kvadrat have designed an environmentally friendly mobile phone case wholesale for Samsung S21+, which is quite eye-catching. This phone case is made from recycled plastic bottles, which helps reduce the number of PET plastic bottles in landfills. The bottle is melted and made into yarn, and then processed with precision work. An exceptionally exquisite mobile phone case wholesale is also released.


  What are the manufacturing processes for this eco-friendly and fashionable shell? It is necessary to collect waste plastic bottles first, then enter the material conversion process, melt the bottles and reconfigure them, and shape the melted plastic materials into 100% recyclable polyester yarn. According to the color of Samsung S21+, the yarn Dyed into the corresponding color, weave the yarn into the material for making the phone case wholesale. Each 500ml plastic bottle can produce the yarn required for 2 mobile phone cases.


  The inner frame of the phone case is made of environmentally friendly post-consumer material PCM to reduce waste. It is made of resin and contains at least 20% recyclable components. The use of PCM can reduce carbon dioxide emissions that are often produced during the production process. In addition, the packaging of the mobile phone case is entirely made of environmentally friendly paper products instead of traditional plastic packaging.

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