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Shenzhen 'High-tech Fair' Xiangyin Technology's investment promotion is in progress......

by:Jolly     2021-12-13

Yesterday (November 13), the Hi-Tech Fair has already opened up. Although it is not Saturday or Sunday, there are still a lot of people who can come to the exhibition.

As soon as the exhibition started, there was a wave of exhibiting customers who were very interested in the company's customized products and stayed to watch.

There are those who want to use the company’s small mobile phone case wholesale customization machine to customize mobile phone cases, and also want to take a look at the company’s latest small UV printers. One introduction.

Because the products are novel and bright, more and more friends come to watch.

The staff is printing customized mobile phone cases for customers and introducing the products in detail.

Today is the first day, and it’s still a long time. Friends who want to come to see the machinery and equipment, don’t forget, Xiangyin Technology is waiting for you in Hall 7!

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