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Shocking mobile phone holster meets environmental protection needs?

by:Jolly     2021-12-30

Nowadays, the mobile phone holster market has broken the previous scale. All kinds of mobile phone holsters have poured into the entire digital leather goods market. While the demand is increasing, the manufacturers of mobile phone holsters are also like It has sprung up like bamboo shoots, especially the largest leather factories in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. However, Shenzhen mobile phone holster manufacturers believe that mobile phone holsters not only need to pay attention to workmanship, but also need to pay attention to basic environmental protection requirements in terms of materials.

We all know that the ingredient of the ipad leather case is undoubtedly leather. From a chemical point of view, the main ingredient of leather is protein. The ipad leather case is prone to mildew when it gets wet or rained. A white towel can be dipped in water, wipe gently on the surface of the leather case, and then turn on the hair dryer to the minimum stop and dry it at a long distance. During daily maintenance, do not use chemical liquids such as jacket polish and nail polish to wipe the ipad leather case. These chemicals can cause great damage to the leather case.

In addition to satisfying the basic functions of the tablet computer, more user-friendly and personalized requirements are put forward, such as the environmental protection requirements for the material of the tablet leather case, and the demand for the aesthetics of the tablet leather case , The demand for the design of tablet leather case and the natural seamless combination of tablet computer products and e-book products, the demand for the comfort of the material of the tablet leather case, and the demand for the luxury of the tablet leather case for some luxury models. And the needs of most users for the personalized display of the tablet leather case.

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