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Silicone mobile phone case customization is afraid, silicone product factory delivery is not on time

by:Jolly     2021-12-12

Customized silicone mobile phone cases, especially for export or promotional gifts, customers value the delivery time of silicone products factories very much. If the delivery date is delayed, irreparable losses may occur.

So, for customers with strict delivery deadlines, what should be paid attention to when choosing to cooperate with a silicone product factory? As an experienced customized factory, Qilai Silicone, a silicone product factory, combines its own situation and shares several things to pay attention to with customers.

1. Production scale, number of employees, and some auxiliary materials and processing equipment.

2. Whether there is a complete production system, and the production is not chaotic.

3. Do you have export experience, and do you have a large number of production experience.

Customers who customize silicone mobile phone cases can take a look at these aspects. Some customers may not have customized experience and don't know what the points above mean.

Then it doesn't matter. Qilai Silicone, a silicone product factory, will use three articles to explain separately. For customers who are interested in customizing silicone mobile phone cases, you can check the follow-up article.

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