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Silicone mobile phone case customization, look at the production system of silicone products factory

by:Jolly     2021-12-12

In the previous article, Qilai Silicone, a silicone product factory, shared how to look at production and processing equipment and other equipment with customized silicone mobile phone cases. So, in this article, Qilai Silicone, a silicone product factory, mainly talks about the production system and what impacts will it have on custom-made silicone mobile phone cases. The production system can be understood as an information system that supports the daily business operations of a unit under normal circumstances, including production data, personnel flow data, production networks, and so on.

If a silicone products factory does not have a complete production system, it does not know what to do at what time. If you want this silicone phone case wholesale in a hurry, stop the other one first, and then come to an urgent one when you are done, and then forget the replaced silicone phone case wholesale, and wait for the customer to ask. Only when I remembered, I replaced the product I was producing, and started again and again.

Without a complete production system, it means that there is no detailed production plan. In this case, it is difficult for customers to guarantee delivery. Qilai Silicone, a silicone product factory, is producing in a planned way, and it will be shipped whenever it is said to be shipped, only in advance and without delay.

After the customer places an order, they must arrange the order and determine the daily output, including when to process and pack, when to ship, and so on. The silicone product factory uses a detailed production plan to customize the silicone mobile phone case to its customers to ensure that the delivery will be completed on time.

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