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Silicone mobile phone case use and operation process

by:Jolly     2021-12-25
The main material of the mobile phone case wholesale is slate model silicone rubber. It is liquid at room temperature, and the color can be adjusted. When using it, it is in a certain proportion, and then the curing agent is added, and it can be cured in a few hours. In addition to the production of some prototype models, there are also some small batches of copy products.
It is reported that the hand model silica gel is a fluid liquid, no matter the color or quality, the liquid and the curing agent are also separated. We can first process the mold and the copied product, take a certain amount of colloid, and then add 2-3% curing agent and stir evenly. After 2-3 hours, the mold can be cured and formed. This mold has no deformation and no Shrinkage and high temperature resistance effect.
Mobile phone case in the making model design: PVC plastic mold, cement product mold, melting point alloy mold, alloy toy craftsmanship, plastic toy crafts, gift stationery, large statues, cultural relic reproduction, shoe sole mold manufacturing, pad printing positioning and electronic equipment earthquake resistance, etc. There are a wide range of applications in the field.
Operation process:
①This kind of silicone mobile phone case wholesale is mainly used on small products and some products with finer patterns. It can be made of silica gel with a relatively soft silicon degree, because when the precision and small products are demolded, the items inside the mold are very easily damaged.
②If you are copying large products, you must choose very hard silicone as the mold, so that the products produced will not be deformed.

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