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Silicone phone case manufacturers tell you why high-quality phone cases are exported

by:Jolly     2021-12-12

Qilai Silicone, a manufacturer of silicone mobile phone cases, produces high-quality silicone mobile phone cases for customers, 80% of which are exported. Why high-quality silicone mobile phone cases can't make a difference in the domestic market! Qilai Silicone Technology, a manufacturer of silicone mobile phone cases, will analyze the situation of silicone mobile phone cases in the domestic market for you.

At present, the most popular mobile phone cases in China are made of PU and ABS, which have the advantages of good transparency and strong impact resistance. Silicone material is rarely used, and it occupies a small market share. Because silica gel, a new type of environmentally friendly material, has not been fully popularized in China, people still have certain safety considerations for silicone products. In addition, the price of high-quality mobile phone cases is relatively high, and the prices are almost all between 60-100. The high price is also the reason for the low sales.

Qilai Silicone Technology customizes and produces high-quality mobile phone cases for brands such as Disney and Universal Studios. Most of the products are exported to developed countries such as the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Qilai Silicone Technology has strong research and development capabilities, and can design patterns and draw flat 3D drawings for customers. There are more than ten technicians in the factory, who are proficient in AI, MASTERCAM, CIMATRON and other design and programming software.

Qilai Silicone Technology, a manufacturer of silicone mobile phone cases, sells a large number of Disney mobile phone cases every year. The factory has rich production experience, there are 15 sets of vulcanizing equipment in the factory, and the relevant processing and production equipment are complete. More than 80% of the employees in the factory have more than 3 years of working experience. They are skilled and have high production efficiency and few defective products, which can guarantee the quality and delivery time.

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