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Simply analyze the advantages and disadvantages of large UV machines!

by:Jolly     2022-01-12
In the UV printing industry, large-scale UV machines have always occupied a dominant position. Large-scale machinery and equipment are easier to develop and produce under the condition of underdeveloped technology. The most important thing is that people's demand for the printing industry is only within the range of large-format printing, so large-scale UV machines have been the mainstream a few years ago, and they are basically still.

With the development of science and technology, materials continue to be researched and innovated, and there is a technical demand for the improvement of some large-scale machines, and the deeper demand is that people are no longer satisfied with the homogeneity of small products, and want to pursue deeper Levels of things and products, which laid the foundation for the production and research and development of small UV printers.

Previous article: What are the advantages and disadvantages of small UV printers? A brief description of small machines has been made. What are the similarities and differences between large and small UV equipment? Today, I will briefly list the large UVs. Related features of the machine?

Large UV printers have the following characteristics:

One: Large size. This is not to be questioned. It is called a large UV machine because of its large size;

2: The quality is heavy. Large-scale UV machines need a stable environment to maintain the stable inkjet of the nozzle, and the increase in quality can increase the stability of the chassis and ensure the accuracy of the nozzle;

3: The printing speed is relatively fast. Relatively fast is for small UV printers, and the ratio of the entire printing range is not much different from that of small ones;

4: The printing materials are wide. UV printing equipment can print products with a variety of materials, and the printing format is large (some formats are several meters), and many product materials can basically be printed;

5: Yes Mass production of small-format products. Because the overall format is large, if you divide it into N small format products, you can print small products in large quantities;

6: The machine is relatively stable. Relative stability is true for small machines, because the parts of large equipment are more expensive and of better quality, so for small products, the machine runs relatively stable;

7: It is not easy to sell after-sales. If there is a problem with the large-scale UV machine, considering the heavy equipment, if you can't repair it, you need to ask the manufacturer to repair it, which takes a long time, and the after-sales service is troublesome.

Because the equipment is large and heavy, there must be certain requirements on the equipment site. It is more troublesome to maintain and the cost is high. For a printed personalized product, the production cost is If the problem is big, it is not suitable. It is only suitable for mass production of the same model size.

An even more important problem is that a large UV machine is quite expensive, ranging from tens of thousands to more than 100,000. For those who want to use large-scale equipment to start a business, this is indeed a big deal. test.

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