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Small accessories also have 20% of mobile phone cases in the big market.

by:Jolly     2021-12-08
As mobile phone displays become larger and larger, mobile phones are becoming more and more fragile. Correspondingly, a new industry-mobile phone protective shells, is used to maintain mobile phones and increase the service life of mobile phones. In recent years, with the sale of iPhone mobile phones and the increase of high-end mobile phones, the styles and functions of mobile phone protective cases have gradually become diversified. The mobile phone protective case not only has the function of maintaining the mobile phone, it has become a new landscape on the mobile phone as a decoration. Although the mobile phone case is only a mobile phone derivative product, it is highly valued by mobile phone manufacturers because of its low manufacturing threshold, strong ductility, and high market requirements. With the continuous expansion of the mobile phone case market, a smartphone that is necessary for each person is usually covered with a variety of mobile phone cases, and the mobile phone case has become a necessity from an accessory. It is understood that the number of smartphone users worldwide has increased from 2.3 billion in 2016 to 2.6 billion in 2017. my country has the largest number of smartphone customers. In 2017, the number of consumers using smartphones reached 717 million, making it the smartphone market with the largest number of users in the world. When smart phones were popular, the mobile phone case field that emerged with the mobile phone industry chain showed a blowout. With the continuous emergence of mobile phone workshops, mobile phone case brands, such as Moss, and unrestrained mobile phone case brands. Like the production and sales of smart phones, what is hidden in the popular market is the fierce market competition among various mobile phone spare parts manufacturing, market sales stores, and brand owners. On the one hand, the mobile phone case market is basically zero barriers. You only need to clarify which materials are used for the mobile phone case, and then make a mold based on the shape of the mobile phone case wholesale, and you can get market sales in the market. Competitors are coming. However, in the field of mobile phone cases, there is a lack of standardization, supervision, and management methods. Many small manufacturers and counterfeit companies blindly follow suit and use low prices to hit the market. The quality of products on the market is uneven. On the other hand, the homogeneity of mobile phone case wholesale products is relatively serious and full of high-tech. At the same time, most of the market share is scraped off by many small manufacturers, and it is impossible to gather big players in the field. Therefore, in the market chaos with serious convergence and lack of supervision, mobile phone case brands can only gain a firm foothold by creating diversified brand advantages. Nowadays, some emerging industries that focus on the design of humanized mobile phone cases have provided new breakthroughs in the field of mobile phone supporting facilities. There are many shops selling humanized mobile phone cases on the Internet. They are the first to design solutions and make some mobile phone case templates with characteristic design styles, and then collaborate with manufacturers to produce humanized mobile phone cases in large quantities, and finally sell them according to the store. consumer. Although the market price is higher than that of ordinary mobile phone cases, the design style is unique, and the quality is guaranteed and it is favored by consumers. Mobile phone supporting facilities service projects that tend to be more user-friendly have gradually become the next profitable point for mobile phone manufacturers. In fact, the personalized customization of mobile phone cases is the next distinctive market segment in the field of mobile phone accessories, and its occurrence is closely related to the changes in everyone's consumer psychology. In recent years, the advancement of smart phones has been very rapid, and the cycle time for cell phone replacement has been greatly shortened, coupled with the popularization of mid-to-high-end mobile phones, which has prompted everyone to set higher standards for the aesthetics of mobile phones. Lao Luo once said: 'You probably don't know the mobile phone field. I have 1,499, 1799, and 2299. 1499 is not profitable. 1799 is a small and low-profit enterprise, but it is not as good as selling back shells and protective shells. From the market prospects It seems that according to the information released by the Bureau of Statistics, my country has a population of more than 1.3 billion at this stage, and the number of mobile phone users has long exceeded 1.7 billion. An extraordinary market with many opportunities has already been established. It dates back to the 1990s. In the latter half of the decade, mobile phone cases took advantage of the breakthrough in the popularization of mobile phones. At that time, the mobile phone case was only a product for maintaining mobile phones. It can also prevent hard objects from leaving scratches on the mobile phone display or device; avoid hands The nails have been touched and scratched with the function keys for a long time, which has the effect of maintaining the display screen and buttons. In recent years, the beauty and skin care of mobile phones has gradually become a way for young people to show their personalization. Useful products are transformed into fashionable and trendy decorations.
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