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Small UV printer that can customize T-shirts

by:Jolly     2022-01-11

Personalized customized clothes have always had a relatively large prospect and market. Companies can use customized clothes to display the company’s image and improve their knowledge; individuals can also print personalized patterns to show their own public personality. In the past, Customized products have always been completed by thermal transfer machines. With the development of society, UV printers are simple, practical, and convenient to operate. More and more people begin to use UV printers to print patterns. .

What I want to talk about today is the company's small A3 UV printer. It is a printer that can print a variety of materials. The product that can be printed today is clothes.

For example, the more popular DIY T-shirts, couple shirts, and couple clothes on the market can be printed.

Previously, products that only need to use thermal transfer equipment can be made, now only a small UV printer can be easily produced, simple, labor-saving, and labor-saving. More cost-saving.

A variety of patterns on the Internet can be easily printed on clothes, perfectly expressing your personality and highlighting the 'different' style.

This is the machine above, a device that can customize personalized clothes, not just clothes.

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