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【Smartphone Case】The principle of smart phone case How to use smart phone case

by:Jolly     2022-01-16

[Smartphone Cover] Principle of Smart Phone Cover How to Use Smart Phone Cover

What is the principle of the window holster of Samsung S4 and other mobile phones?

I believe that many friends who have used smart screens or window-opening holsters will have this question, that is, how does this seemingly high-end and high-end function realize?

In fact, it is not as high-end as everyone thinks. There are two types of leather cases, one without metal contacts and the other with metal contacts. The principles of the two are not much different. Let's introduce them separately.

Let’s talk about those without metal contacts. Smart Covers like iPad belong to this type. The principle is relatively simple. For mobile phones that support smart screens and window openings, the internal frame of the fuselage must be built-in. For small magnets, the magnet can not only align with the magnet on the shaft of the protective cover, but also incorporate the protective cover. After the protective cover magnet is attached to the screen, the phone can sense and react.

To put it simply, when the magnet is attached to the screen, the mobile phone system will issue an instruction to lock the screen, and when the protective cover is opened and the magnet leaves the screen, the mobile phone system will issue an unlock instruction.

For protective cases with metal contacts, the main service equipment also needs to have metal contacts on the back of the fuselage. The principle is that the default distance sensor of the mobile phone is in a non-sleeping state, so that it can be sensed by the distance sensor. The state of the protective cover, while the protective cover still has a small magnet, both of which are effective at the same time can realize the screen and open the window.

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So since all functions must be realized through magnetic induction, what is the significance of the existence of metal sheets? I forgive my editor's ignorance and lack of knowledge. I haven't researched it clearly yet. Perhaps it is a patent problem, or it is to increase the cost of official accessories and increase profits. Knowledgeable friends can add.

Finally, let’s talk about the window opening effect. Many people are wondering whether the window opening effect is displayed by the mobile phone or the protective cover. In fact, this is a function of the mobile phone, similar to the screen protector plug-in. The general protective cover is Unable to display the screen.

I believe that those who purchase Samsung Note4 will consider whether to buy an original smart leather case, and this smart leather case is also one of the highlights of this Note4. However, those newbies who have already started this phone do not know how to use it, so today I have compiled the Samsung Note4 smart leather case for everyone to use it, so that you can get more hands-on in the future.

【How to use Samsung Note4 smart leather case】

1. On the standby page, click [Applications].

2. Click [Settings].

3. Swipe up on the screen and click [Accessories].

4. Just tick [Auto Unlock] (Note: This setting needs to be installed with a leather case before it can be used).

5. After completing the above operations, open the smart leather case to unlock the screen.

All the above is the method of using Samsung Note4 smart leather case summarized by the editor today. The steps are very simple. You only need to follow the method provided by the editor. help.

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