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The detailed design of the mobile phone holster.

by:Jolly     2022-01-06
Mobile phone holsters mainly play a role in protecting mobile phones. Smart phones have also expanded the market for mobile phone holsters with the rapid development. Therefore, manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the design and production of mobile phone holsters. So let's take a look at the detailed design of the mobile phone holster.

(1) Appearance
The shape is actually a relatively stable geometry. It is believed that whether the appearance of a geometric body is attractive or not depends mainly on the front shape of the geometric body. However, for designers, the shape of the side, top and bottom all play a very important role. Each surface itself influences each other and needs to be designed. Only when the teacher makes a careful combination, can the shape of each mobile phone leather case become beautiful, generous or give people the feeling of rebelliousness.
The shape of the mobile phone holster has the traditional rectangular shape, as well as the variant shape of the new era. Human beings have followed thousands of years of cultural traditions and tend to prefer traditional shapes, while many modern men and women in the new era prefer more fashionable shapes.

(2) Structure
Structure refers to the organic combination of the external and internal components of a product in various ways. Here, it refers to the various structures of mobile phone holsters, etc., which are manufactured with one or more devices using different processes. It reflects the technological characteristics of a product, but also reflects the use function and performance of a product. For each structure, both practical and decorative design methods can be used. The practical structure refers to the structure of the performance of the actual application of the mobile phone leather case; the decorative structure is only for the needs of the design itself, and does not have practicality.

(3) Accessories
Accessories often play a finishing touch in the design and production of mobile phone holsters, and are one of the most important elements in the design of holsters. Accessories include practical accessories and decorative accessories. Practical accessories refer to those that have practical functions and performance, and their shapes and patterns can make people use their imagination. More and more designers are engraving, silk-screening or laser brand logos on practical accessories. , Instead of pure logo hardware, the logo is integrated into practical accessories, creating a new atmosphere and new effect that integrates the two to reflect a brand awareness.

(4) Material
Material refers to the synthesis of the material quality, texture and variety of the leather case, and is one of the elements of the design of the mobile phone leather case. Leather is the main material of mobile phone holsters. It includes genuine leather, regenerated leather and artificial leather. Each material has its own different characteristics and strengths, which directly affect the process effect, technical processing methods and durability of components. In this industry, all kinds of textile materials are combined with leather products made by the leather case production process, also called mobile phone holsters. 

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