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The imd mobile phone case industry emerges as a new type of industry

by:Jolly     2021-12-10

With the rapid development of science and technology, the technology beauty industry has emerged as a new type of industry. Fashion IT brands develop with the diversification of the market. In response to the increase of mobile phone brands and functions, it is diversified. According to the texture, the mobile phone protective shell is divided into PC shell, leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, leather case, and metal tempered glass shell. IMD mobile phone cases can be made into soft or hard ones. Super shadow 3D printing can be used to make imd mobile phone cases and 3D mobile phone cases.

Controversy IMD is the current internationally popular surface decoration technology. It is mainly used for decoration and function control panels of home appliances, automobile dashboards, air-conditioning panels, mobile phone shells, lenses, washing machines, refrigerators, etc., with a wide range of applications. The imd mobile phone case wholesale is a technology that puts the printed decorative sheet into an injection mold, and then injects the gum on the back of the molded sheet, so that the resin and the sheet are combined into a single curing technology.

Its surface is hardened transparent film, the middle printing pattern layer, the back injection layer, the middle of the ink, can make the product resistant to friction, prevent the surface from being scratched, and can keep the color bright and not easy to fade for a long time. It can be made soft or hard.

Introduction to the process of imd mobile phone case wholesale: First, the customer provides AI vector files or high-definition JPG files, and then our art team will make the renderings according to our model of the knife. After confirming the renderings, start Typesetting and printing. The printing is four-color printing (Heidelberg). After the printing is completed, the back of the sheet is covered with a white background, and after the white background is covered, the PET sheet is cut, and after the cut, it is positioned and punched. Then the sheet is formed on the molding machine (if it is flat, it does not need to be molded), then the molded sheet is punched, and then injected on the injection molding machine, and finally the product is inspected and packaged.

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