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The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, do you want a creative gift?

by:Jolly     2022-01-15

The Mid-Autumn Festival (August 15th in the lunar calendar every year) is a special festival unique to Chinese people. Many relatives will exchange gifts, moon cakes or other to express holiday greetings on this day!

For a long time of development, Mid-Autumn Festival gift-giving has become a way of expression for people to celebrate the festival, especially between relatives and friends. Sending gifts during the festival can make people’s relationship closer.

Of course, this gift-giving method is also suitable for various business occasions. For example, the boss of the company is thanking the franchisees for their trust, and the salesperson is thanking the customers for their trust in the company and themselves. You can give out your own gifts to increase the current partnership;

Therefore, every time the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, the sales of moon cakes and other gifts will soar. This is a reaction of people wanting to show the holiday.

For major businesses, they will always come up with strange marketing techniques to improve their product knowledge and brand. In fact, the way I want to say today can improve the knowledge and brand of your company, which is to print your company's LOGO or slogan on the gift packaging to achieve the purpose of indirect marketing.

Any gift always has a large or small packaging box. On this packaging box, the company’s small UV printing equipment can be used to print the company LOGO you want. , Slogan, increase customers’ awareness of the company’s products and brand. Upon arrival, he gave gifts and advertised his products, killing two birds with one stone.

Furthermore, printing such a small pattern or slogan does not cost a lot of money. You only need to ask the artist to make a quiet and beautiful pattern, and then let the machine take care of the rest.

In the Mid-Autumn Festival, I think friends who want to make personalized customized products are not in a small number. Buying a small customized device like this can easily start business, yes Isn't it simple?

The above is a pattern made by a company, which is simple and practical, and fully achieves the purpose of marketing its own products. Don't you want to make a batch of such personalized products or gifts?

It should be noted that the company's small UV printer can not only print packaging boxes, but also metal, leather, leather, glass and other materials. Welcome to consult for detailed information.

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