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'The mobile phone case that is not afraid of falling' CIKE small red case: non-Newtonian fluid material blessing

by:Jolly     2022-01-05

   [Mobile China News] Today's smartphone screens are getting bigger and bigger, and the cost of broken screens is getting higher and higher. For example, the cost of one hand sliding on the iPhone X series is about 2,000 yuan, and I regret that I have no medicine. So many people choose to wear protective covers for their mobile phones, but the thin and light mobile phone cases are not drop-resistant, and the value of the drop-resistant mobile phone cases is too low, which makes many people entangled. Recently, the smart hardware brand CIKE released a thin and anti-fall shell, which looks good.

CIKE small red case

   is different from the impression of the previous anti-fall mobile phone cases in our minds, this CIKE small red case does not have a bulky and clumsy appearance, and its net weight is only 28.5g , And passed the SGS authoritative anti-fall certification, support up to 2.05m hard-surface anti-fall, and can cope with most daily fall scenarios. The thickness of the protective shell is only 0.8mm, and the back is a 9H high-grade tempered glass back cover, which has strong hardness and scratch resistance.

CIKE small red shell

   The side of the CIKE small red shell is made of Newtonian fluid material, which remains relaxed under normal conditions. It is soft and elastic. Once it is hit by a severe collision or Upon impact, the molecules immediately lock into each other, quickly tighten and harden to digest external forces and form a protective layer. In addition, the four corners adopt a honeycomb design, the frame is 1.2mm higher than the screen, and the raised frame prevents friction between the screen and the plane. When the screen is dropped, it will not be damaged even if the screen is facing down. This CIKE small red shell is currently on sale, and handicapped parties can pay attention to it.

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