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The new national standard for mobile phone cases is released: you can buy mobile phone cases with confidence from now on

by:Jolly     2021-12-28

  The mobile phone case market, as the first rigid demand product for mobile phone peripherals, has developed rapidly in recent years. China has a market capacity of more than one billion mobile phone cases each year, making it one of the largest mobile phone accessories. According to statistics, 87% of users will equip their mobile phones with a mobile phone case, and most mobile phones are equipped with more than one mobile phone case during use.

   In the face of the large-scale mobile phone case market, large manufacturers, small manufacturers and even 'counterfeit' manufacturers are actively participating in the competition. We can see all kinds of mobile phones in shopping malls, large and small shops, and even stalls. Cases, in the sales process, more use 'strike the price' as the main marketing method, leading to the flood of inferior products in the mobile phone case wholesale market.

Consumers have no choice, companies have no standards to follow

   While consumers are immersed in the diversified convenience and low prices of mobile phone cases, they often overlook issues such as safety and quality . For example, there are mobile phone cases that indicate that they have waterproof or drop-proof functions, but they did not actually achieve the promised effect, resulting in damage to the mobile phone. Some mobile phone cases emit a pungent odor, and it is likely that aldehydes and benzene substances exceed the standard, which can cause serious diseases and even cancer when they accumulate in the body throughout the year.

Because of the low unit price of    mobile phone case products, the barriers to entry from production to delivery, wholesale to retail market are not high, and their performance in the terminal market is particularly obvious. Most retailers are mobile and unlicensed operations. Some companies in the industry have reported that there are currently no relevant implementation standards for the mobile phone case industry in my country, resulting in uneven production quality among manufacturers, and the relevant departments lack effective supervision due to lack of standards to follow.

General Specification for Mobile Phone Cases

The first domestic standard for mobile phone cases was released

   After understanding the market and industry needs, the China Communications Industry Association quickly used the industry organization Responsibility, led the organization of the formulation of the group standard of the 'General Specification for Mobile Phone Cases'. This standard was initiated by the Quality Control Self-discipline Alliance of China Communications Industry Association and China Electronics Standardization Research Institute. It was drafted together with major domestic mobile phone case brands such as Daqin, Xiaomi, Huawei, and VIVO. The project was officially established on June 7, 2018 , And solicit opinions from the industry.

   Since the establishment of the group standard of 'General Specification for Mobile Phone CasesMore than 20 units from mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone accessory manufacturers, testing and certification agencies and other fields participated in the formulation of this standard. The standard draft meeting was held twice, and the standard review meeting was held on February 28, 2019. . After the final review, the standard draft was officially released on March 20, 2019, and the specific implementation date is April 22, 2019.

   According to the 'General Specification for Mobile Phone Cases

   Effective standards not only raise the industry-related threshold, but also encourage enterprises to innovate to a certain extent, and at the same time strengthen legal sanctions against infringements, so that irregular companies can be cleared out of the market. With the corresponding management methods and industry-related standards, the regulatory authorities will have standards on which to rectify the chaos in the industry.

The establishment of    industry-related standards is not only to respond to the voice of enterprises, but also to meet the needs of more and more rational consumers at all levels. As consumers continue to deepen their awareness of mobile phone accessories, the phenomenon of only focusing on the appearance and practicability of accessories in the past has been greatly changed, and now the safety and stability of accessories have become one of the important factors in their choice.

Daqin mobile phone case

   As the lead drafting unit of the group standard of 'General Specification for Mobile Phone CasesThere are more than ten group standards related to mobile phone accessories. Through the formulation and implementation of group standards, it brings more convenience to consumers and enterprises in the industry, and promotes the healthy and rapid development of the mobile phone accessories industry.

How do consumers choose high-quality mobile phone cases?

   First of all, consumers should pay attention to buying through formal channels, and secondly, they should buy branded mobile phone cases. For mobile phone cases with a particularly pungent smell, please be cautious when buying them. If there is a business that claims to be a drop-proof or waterproof phone case, you must confirm the height of the drop-proof or waterproof level, etc., and don't damage the phone due to excessive trust in the phone case. Another way is to choose products with the OPJ logo when buying mobile phone cases and other mobile phone accessories. Products that pass the OPJ logo test are high-quality products that have passed the test above the national standard, and can be used with confidence.

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