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The phone case manufacturer tells-cheap phone cases are the most popular but the quality is worrying. 20% of women love 'buy what looks good'

by:Jolly     2021-12-08
In an online media survey on the application of mobile phone cases, female mobile phone cases are mostly due to 'beautifulness' and 'fashion trends.' Many women like to have a lot of cheap mobile phone cases that can match each other's clothes. Mobile phone cases, MMs prefer cheap and high-end mobile phone cases. The market price is more expensive, ranging from hundreds to hundreds of yuan. Although the quality is more assured, but few people care about it. Most MMs prefer more than ten or two. Ten yuan worth of mobile phone cases, even if there is no packaging, no well-known brand, and no detailed product information, because of the low price and the variety of styles, you can buy more and use it alternately. According to CCTV's research and development, more than 90% of people will buy a 'fashion jacket' for their mobile phones, and at least 80% of the audience has no awareness of the health and safety hazards of mobile phone cases, indicating that they buy mobile phone cases. It is because of different places and emotions that they can 'change clothes'.  As far as women are concerned, many people have the same mentality of mobile phone cases as buying clothes themselves, with the view that they can be replaced anytime, anywhere, and fashion trends are beautiful.   Is it possible to use fashionable mobile phone cases?   There is no national industry standard for the quality of mobile phone cases. Therefore, girls should pay special attention to prevent health risks when buying. Most of the mobile phone cases in roadside snacks and small shops do not indicate standard product information, or even just put a plastic bag as packaging. This kind of mobile phone cases basically releases different levels of stimulating taste, and some still have them. Fading condition. This type of mobile phone case is usually of poor quality, or even made of recycled plastic, which poses a certain safety risk.   The salesperson of digital accessories revealed: Cell phone cases often use plastics, plastics and other materials, and their colorants have certain toxic and side effects, but the composition is generally very low. It only needs to be manipulated within the scope of national regulations, and it is not easy to cause harm to the body.   However, the market demand for mobile phone cases is very fierce, and it does not solve some irregular manufacturers on the market in order to reduce costs, plus fake and inferior auxiliary materials and intermediate chemicals, which cause chemicals that are harmful to the body.   Therefore, if you have to buy a mobile phone case wholesale, try to avoid choosing products that are too bright in color, too soft to the touch, or too unpleasant. Dongguan Qilai mobile phone case material manufacturer, focusing on the production of mobile phone case materials for eight years, using environmentally friendly plastic materials TPU and PC, the product quality is good, OEM can be processed, many styles, brand line production is very comprehensive, all models are in stock , Welcome to come and buy.
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