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The principle of well-designed sponge earmuffs

by:Jolly     2022-01-18
The data of sponge earmuffs is actually ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer material, which is a new type of environmentally friendly foaming material. The product data of sponge earmuffs is usually exquisitely manufactured, with good cushioning, heat insulation, shock resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, etc., and it is non-toxic and has a soft surface that does not absorb water. The elasticity tolerance of sponge earmuffs data is stronger than that of LDPE, but the surface is not glued, and the white and bright high feeling is very similar to the feeling of PVC film. Pay attention to the distinction. Sponge earmuffs data has great economic benefits, especially Cross-linked foam injection molding and mold foam molding technology have industrial continuity, raw materials with a short production cycle, etc.
The choice of    sponge earmuffs will not only improve the quality of in-ear earplugs, but also increase the comfort of wearing. The sponge earmuffs of any shape according to the shape of the ear canal, and the fully-fitting raw ear canal, will not attack the discomfort even if worn for a long time, which is also an excellent sound insulation function.
   Slow rebound memory foam is a modern creation, a special material, a surface like a sponge, but has many more excellent functions, for example, as a balance of surface pressure, kinetic energy and sound absorption, temperature changes, etc.
   The earphone sponge earmuffs are the earphones in the earphone game. It is different from the earplug sponge ear sleeve, the earphone sponge ear sleeve covers all ears, which is a sound frame for the Internet or listening to music. A large, non-slip effect; to avoid sound leakage and low enhancement effect; it is too large to avoid the consensus between the earplug shell and the ear bone episode.
   Although the quality of sponge earmuffs has improved, the prices in the market have become hard-selling, killing each other. As a result, the quality of anti-static products is degraded, and the anti-static sponge earmuff product does not have an anti-static effect. In the construction quality of the construction team, it is necessary to understand the common sense of anti-static grounding wire, not a random answer. Today, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer has become a more potential environmental data, rather than polyvinyl chloride. Compared with the cost of PVC, the finished sponge earmuffs are not expensive, but the most valuable thing is that the sponge earmuffs complete the body and do not like the damage of PVC to the environment. The effect of sponge earmuffs used in sponge earmuff products is very similar to that of PVC. Compared with the data of PVC data, sponge earmuffs are less dense, colorless and odorless, and lack good heavy metals. They can make children's toys resistant to low temperature and corrosion. In phone cases, the molecular structure can remain stable. Transparent, soft, strong resistance to stress, wide applicability.
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