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The small details that should be paid attention to when setting up a street stall in a night market, knowing these can make a lot of money

by:Jolly     2022-01-15

Many people say that it’s good to see others set up a business stall, so why can’t I just sell it? In fact, although it is simple to do a stall business, there is still a certain degree of knowledge, such as the following small details, which may make the product sell better after mastering it.

1: Appropriate location

The correct choice of stall location is the primary condition for making money. If you have a good product, if you choose the wrong store location, the small one will affect your business, and the large one may also lead to 'closing the stall.' This will severely hit your self-confidence, and scientific site selection will enable you to gain a 'geographical advantage' and your business will prosper. The ideal location for the stall is: near the pedestrian street, near the large supermarket, small street in the industrial park, university town...but a crowded place is not necessarily the best place. The place where the stall is set must be in a convenient place for people to stay. Place, but also choose according to your product.

Two: Stable supply

The supply must be considered before starting to consider the stall. After all, the stability of the supply must be good and the quality must be good. The supply of goods is the most important thing to sell. Because of a good source of goods, the price can be low. Low cost is an important factor, so finding a good source of goods is the key to the profitability of local stalls. At the same time, it is also a powerful means of competition. It is necessary to have a good source of goods. It is necessary to choose a supplier who can exchange goods. It is best not to find a source of goods locally. Although new and unique products are attractive, they cannot be separated from practicality. The principle of value.

3: Reasonable price What's the price? It can be used for our reference. Then we adjust the price of our products according to his price. But the price reduction should not be too much. Because if you want to be a local market for a long time, there should be followers. If we set the price too low at once and start a price war ahead of time, a large piece of profit will be lost in vain. If our product does not appear in your area. We have more freedom in pricing. But the pricing should be flexible, and you can’t ask too much. It scares people away as soon as you speak. In short, the issue of pricing requires experience. I am also slowly summing up. Now that I have a more established method, I will communicate with you in detail.

Four: Reasonable packaging

Packaging has three major functions, namely, product protection, unit concentration and convenience. Our products are sold naked on the floor. They are easily damaged and deformed due to friction and weather, and can hide dirt. With simple packaging, it is easy to solve this problem and make our products more attractive. You can go Comparable with the products of supermarkets and shopping malls. Further promote sales and facilitate consumption, while packaging can also prevent foreign matter from mixing, dirt pollution, loss, loss, and theft. Of course, what I'm talking about is just the simple packaging of the product.

5: Reasonable advertising

Although setting up a street stall is a small business, it is still different whether there is advertising or not. If there is an advertising display, will it be Make it easier for customers to stay. If you stay, will there be a better deal? So don't underestimate the role of advertising. Although it will cost a certain amount of money, you can also make greater profits for yourself.

Although everyone understands the above points, it is still very good to do well. If you find that you have been unable to make a profit after setting up a street stall, you can consider whether it is the above The problem, find the problem and solve it.

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