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The wake-up secret of the smartphone holster

by:Jolly     2022-01-07

The popularization of various smart phones has prompted more and more users with customized smart holsters. The most deadly weakness of the smartphone screen is undoubtedly revealed, especially the glass screen mobile phone, often the mobile phone is slightly broken and the screen is broken. The best protection method for changing to hundreds of different is the mobile phone holster, the current mobile phone holster Most of them have the function of smart sleep and light up the screen, so let's take a look at how it works now.

The smart leather case uses the principle of electromagnetic induction, and the key lies in the magnetic isolation sheet.

Embed a magnetic sensitive element in the mobile phone holster. This element may be a Hall element (the Hall sensor of a mobile phone (HALL Sensor in English) is mainly used to detect the position of the flip or sliding cover of the mobile phone holster. The model is mst’s mh248 and diodes’ AH180, which are Hall switches with low power consumption). When the cover is closed, the magnetic sensor will send a signal to the phone screen, and the inductive switch will act to switch the display to a pre-designed one. Special interface (preset by mobile phone), such as incoming call, clock, watching weather, information, framing shooting, controlling music playback, recording memos, etc. After the magnet is gone, the normal desktop display is restored. At the same time, it is necessary to implant a small patch on the battery cover of the dormant leather case (the black patch on the original back cover is the magnetic barrier sheet), so that (small magnetic sheet, magnetic sensor, magnetic barrier patch) Sandu Being in the same vertical plane, it realizes the working principle of sleeping when the cover is closed and anti-sleeping when the cover is flipped. When the large magnet is placed at the position of the magnetic sensor, the phone screen will automatically sleep, and after the magnet is removed, the screen will automatically unlock and light up.

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