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The workmanship and raw materials of Dongguan mobile phone holster manufacturers

by:Jolly     2022-01-02

The variety of mobile phone cases on the market is complicated, and the quality is also uneven, making it difficult for consumers to choose. The manufacturers of mobile phone cases remind you that you should consider the raw materials and workmanship when purchasing mobile phone cases, so that you can buy good products.

There are many kinds of raw materials for mobile phone leather cases, the most common ones are silica gel, TPU, PC raw materials, ABS, leather, and metal raw materials. In the meantime, silicone raw materials have been favored by more and more consumers because of their various superior functions.

The raw materials are excellent. If the workmanship is very wasteful, it is also a failed commodity. Any raw material, any technology, there are excellent products and poor products, and the workmanship plays an insignificant effect. To distinguish the quality of a product, not only depends on the material, but also on the workmanship. To distinguish whether the workmanship is exquisite or not, we need to investigate carefully.

First, you must carefully investigate the front, side, and interior of the product. Many products focus on the front of the product, and the side and interior are ignored, and then the degree of exquisiteness is very different. The side surface is usually the parting area. The disposition of the parting line directly determines the level of unevenness of the product. If the parting line can be seen with great care, the workmanship of the product is very good. Scrape up and down with your fingernails. Some of the parting lines below, the smaller the sense of segmentation, the better the workmanship.

There is also the perimeter of the hole. You can feel the smoothness of the burrs by sliding your fingers along the outermost edge of the product. It is not necessary to investigate the glue inlet and internal layout. Plastic injection molding usually has a glue inlet, but silica gel does not. The glue inlet is planned on the outer edge of the product, usually a long and flat glue position. If it is planned to be inside, It is usually a point. There is currently an Apple mobile phone case wholesale that uses a zero-defect plan, which means that the plastic inlet cannot be found. This is of course superior in terms of level. The layout of the maintenance shell should also be carefully investigated.

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