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To make a custom silicone mobile phone case, you only need to know these three steps

by:Jolly     2021-12-19

Silicone phone case wholesale is a kind of silicone material wrapped around the phone, which can effectively prevent the phone from being damaged. It is one of the most popular silicone accessories nowadays. Now many companies or businesses will customize a batch of silicone mobile phone cases for gifts or promotional purposes. So customization will encounter some problems in the customization process, such as the difference between the sample and the design drawing, the price is too high, the delivery time is slow and the quality is unstable. So let me share a batch of high-quality silicone mobile phone cases that can be customized in just three steps.

A technological choice 'multi-color integrated molding'

The multi-color integrated molding process is a new process in the silicone gift manufacturing industry in recent years. This process is mainly for multi-color silicone gifts. The new process can be 100% produced in accordance with the design drawings, without simplifying the pattern, it can also achieve the effect of three-dimensional gradient color (CMYK), and the details of the product can also be perfectly expressed. No matter how many colors or complicated thin lines, there is no problem in the face of new technology. It is especially suitable for silicone mobile phone cases, which attract people by appearance.

The second 'multi-color integrated molding' is more favorable in price

In addition to the advantages of appearance, the multi-color integral molding process also has a price. The new process was applied for a process patent in December 2011. After several years of market testing, the process is now very mature and stable. The new process is very convenient in operation, and one person can operate a machine to save a lot of labor costs. Moreover, coupled with the maturity of the technology, the scrap rate of the product in the production process is almost zero, which greatly saves consumables, and the price of silicone mobile phone cases will naturally be much more favorable.

Choose it for three customized multi-color silicone gifts

It is Qilai Silicone Technology Co., Ltd., the developer of the 'multi-color integrated molding' process. It stands like a giant in the field of multi-color silicone gift customization. Qilai Silicone is not only ahead of its peers in technology, but also in terms of strength. The factory has 15 silicone production lines that are operated by experienced employees. The entire factory's system is complete, from proofing to distribution, and the department strictly controls. All steps of silicone gifts are completed in the factory without outsourcing, and the production cycle can be controlled and the delivery date can be completed under the premise of ensuring product quality.

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