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Trend analysis of personalized customized mobile phone case market

by:Jolly     2021-12-21
The homogeneity of mobile phone case products is serious and full of black technology. At the same time, most of the market share is divided up by many small manufacturers, making it difficult to gather industry giants. Therefore, in the market chaos with serious homogeneity and lack of supervision, mobile phone case brands can only stand firm if they create differentiated product advantages.

Nowadays, some new industries whose main direction is to design personalized mobile phone cases have brought new breakthroughs to the mobile phone supporting industry.

In fact, the personalized customization of mobile phone cases is the next unique market segment in the mobile phone accessories industry, and its outbreak is closely related to the changes in people's consumption concepts. In recent years, the development of smart phones has been very rapid, the replacement cycle of mobile phones has been greatly shortened, and the popularity of mid-to-high-end mobile phones have made people have higher aesthetic requirements for the appearance of mobile phones.

Luo Yonghao once said: 'You may not know the mobile phone industry. I have 1499, 1799, 2299. 1499 has no profit, 1799 has a meager profit, but it is better to sell back shells and protective cases. From the perspective of the market According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, it can be analyzed that China has a population of more than 1.3 billion, and the number of mobile phone users has already exceeded 1.7 billion, and a supermarket with a lot of opportunities has been formed.

The mobile phone case has exceeded the role of protecting the mobile phone and has become an independent product.

First, the styles of mobile phone cases are diversified. Relying on clothes, horses and saddles, mobile phones, as modern people’s “palms in the palm,” have naturally become people’s beautification goals. Young people like to catch up with trends, pursue high quality, and don’t like the same thing. Therefore, the workmanship of mobile phone cases is getting better and better, and the materials are getting better and better. More and more expensive, more and more styles. The mobile phone cases that were originally priced at ordinary people have become the luxury accessories in the hands of fashion bloggers and idol stars.

After the mobile phone cases were included in the ranks of decorations, Many luxury jewelry brands have launched limited-edition mobile phone cases, whose prices are far more expensive than mobile phones. For example, LV launched a mobile phone case based on Petite Malle, which is suitable for iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus. The price is between RMB 38,500 and 42,000. Wait, the most expensive is the crocodile skin + gold version, the price is about seven times the price of the iPhone 7.

Not only LV, in fact, many other luxury brands have also released some high-end products in recent years. Mobile phone case. It is reported that in 2013, Burberry launched the iPhone 5s mobile phone case wholesale with 'squandering flowers and glamorous eyes'; in 2016, Stella McCartney launched the 'four pigeon eggs' bling bling mobile phone case; in 2016, Gucci also launched the printed phone case wholesale. There are mobile phone cases with butterflies, birds and various plant patterns. The mobile phone cases with fashion accessories in hand have changed from humble roadside stalls to luxury accessories sought after by celebrities. There is no doubt that mobile phone cases have got rid of the single protection function and derived Another way to survive.

A few years ago, the high-end smartphone iPhone was still a luxury item, but now the iPhone is almost becoming a hand-held arcade machine. Young people who pursue uniqueness want to find new ways to show their force. The mobile phone case is a good choice for the new way. Nowadays, young people like to change mobile phone cases when they have problems, and some people like to collect mobile phone cases as a hobby. In addition to some mobile phone cases incarnate as luxury accessories and are sought after. The reason why some mobile phone cases attract consumers is that their styles are diverse and customizable.

Since the manufacturing process of mobile phone cases is simple and can be changed at will, many consumers use mobile phone cases as the carrier of certain IPs.< /p>

Take the popular mobile phone brand as an example. Recently, the R11 Barcelona limited edition has attracted the most attention. Although the new phone has not yet gone on sale, the contrast between red and blue has become a trend. The trendy products of Taobao have been admired by many merchants on Taobao, and the R11 Barcelona limited edition mobile phone cases have been put on the shelves, and they have been selling well. The types of mobile phone cases have diversified with the increase of mobile phone brands. According to the brands, there are Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung and so on.

In addition, celebrity IP, emoticon IP, and hit drama IP all like to sell mobile phone cases as derivatives. Nowadays, people like to imprint their favorite things on a certain item to show their preferences and personality at the same time, so the mobile phone case has become the best carrier for young users to show their taste.

Second, the functions of the mobile phone case continue to increase, and the new ideas continue

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