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by:Jolly     2022-01-01

Is there a company that can provide Diaosi with a platform to become a tyrant, helping employees buy a car in three years and a house in five years?

Is there a profession that can earn no less than an iPhone 7 monthly income without requiring academic qualifications or qualifications?

There really is such an enterprise, her name is Dongguan Qilai Technology Co., Ltd.!

There really is such a career, she is an employee of Dongguan Qilai Technology Co., Ltd.!

With the service tenet of'improving the quality of the clan, promoting economic development, and promoting social progress'.

To make products that make customers scream, so that every customer who buys the company's products can get happiness, joy and success is the soul of a long-lasting foundation.

Concerned about the needs of employees, in the past three years, I have helped companies buy more than ten cars and employees have purchased more than ten sets of houses. The average monthly income of company employees has increased by 3 to 5 times, and the annual income of employees is higher than the industry average. Level above 30%! The company will also provide a monthly pension subsidy of 600 yuan for the parents of outstanding employees. All this is the cornerstone and guarantee for Dongguan Qilai Technology Co., Ltd. to make the company bigger and stronger!

If you are eager to change your destiny, please sign up for our position!

If you are eager to change the fate of your family, please join our team!

We are recruiting fellow travelers. If you want to follow us, please contact us immediately!

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