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u200bSilicone phone case foundry

by:Jolly     2021-12-25

u200bSilicone mobile phone case wholesale foundry

In this information age, mobile phones are indispensable objects. In this era of pursuit of fashion and personality, mobile phone cases are also indispensable, so its silicone mobile phones Shells are currently in great demand in the market, so a large number of products are manufactured in a very short time. It is not a problem of inferior quality or poor quality. For this reason, there is the term OEM.

Find a Foundry factories are not difficult, but you need to be cautious if you still find a good one. Silicone mobile phone case foundries are worthy of your trust. They are designated suppliers of many famous brands, because the processes they use are self-developed and patented. The multi-color integrated technology, the products are exquisite, the patterns are realistic, and the raw materials purchased are also high-quality materials supplied by the internationally renowned brand Wacker. There are specialized technical personnel from training to quality inspection, complete machinery and equipment, and 17 production lines. More than 60 operators have more than three years of experience. The operation is proficient and fast, which ensures the problem of delivery.

Dongguan Jolly Industries Limited has an array of branches in domestic for servicing customers with high-quality products.
With continuous operational improvements, expanding capacity and a strong competitive position for serving strategic domestic markets, Dongguan Jolly Industries Limited are positioned for long-term growth that will benefit our customers and investors.
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