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Use of earphone sponge cover

by:Jolly     2022-01-20
Speaking of earphone sponge cover, everyone may be familiar with it. All flat-head earplugs have the standard configuration, but do you really understand why earplugs should be given with the product? There are many people who use earphones and do not use a sponge cover, but since the earplug sponge cover is included, I believe there must be some truth to it. What role does the earphone sponge cover play in the sound quality and wearing of earplugs?
   In fact, this is a kind of coloring. To put it plainly, it means to appropriately strengthen and lose the sound to make it easier to accept, because the standard of our good sense of hearing is not only true and accurate, but the sound also contains aesthetics. Orientation and sound quality perception.
   If some headphones do not use ear cotton for the bass, it feels that the treble is relatively high, the bass is a bit virtual, and there is a phenomenon of sound leakage. With the addition of ear cotton, the bass becomes very solid, the sound leakage phenomenon is gone, and the high, middle and low frequencies appear more balanced. So if you don’t feel good about the bass of the headphones, don’t forget to put ear cotton on your earbuds when listening to music. It can add a sense of balance to your love machine.
  The design structure and wearing method of flat-head earplugs determine that the ear canal cannot be sealed, so the sound will leak out along the gaps around the earphones, especially the bass. Because the unit diaphragm area of u200bu200bthe earplugs is limited, it cannot produce bass with too long wavelength. Sound waves, so mid-to-high frequencies are very easy, but they are not favored by consumers on bass. Don’t worry, sponge sleeves can save all of this.
   is equipped with sponge earplugs, which can better seal the ear canal when worn, thereby retaining more bass. At the same time, the porous material of the sponge has strong sound absorption and absorbs a lot of high frequency frequencies. , Making the sound balance to the lower end. And because of the damping effect, the vibration characteristics of the diaphragm are changed, and the middle and low frequency thickness of the sound is suddenly increased, resulting in a lower dive, and the overall sense of hearing is also softened. To apply a word that many friends like to use, 'sound' It’s warm.
  Of course, the earphone sponge cover has a non-negligible protective effect on the comfort and cleanliness of wearing. Through the above introduction, everyone should know that when we listen to music, we must not forget to achieve a good enjoyment of music. That is to use a good earphone sponge cover to achieve better music enjoyment!
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