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[Waterproof phone case] The purpose of the waterproof phone case How to shoot in the water with the waterproof phone case

by:Jolly     2021-12-22

[Waterproof phone case] The purpose of the waterproof phone case How to shoot in the water with the waterproof phone case

The purpose of waterproof mobile phone case

There are many waterproof mobile phone cases on the market now, which can wrap your beloved mobile phone tightly, as if wearing a 'mobile phone waterproof swimsuit' for the mobile phone. The mobile phones/iPads of trendy men and trendy women are transformed into fashion style, and are sought after by the majority of young people.

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Waterproof mobile phone case wholesale A mobile phone case with a waterproof function can make ordinary mobile phones waterproof, and you can freely take pictures, surf the Internet, and listen to music even under water.

The waterproof mobile phone case has a unique vacuum design, which not only makes small cameras and all kinds of iPhones completely waterproof, but also allows the waterproof bag to close to the iPhone touch screen, making the touch more comfortable, surfing the Internet more freely, and taking pictures more convenient. In addition, the general waterproof mobile phone case wholesale is also equipped with a special waterproof earphone and stand, so that fashion people can enjoy wonderful music underwater.

How to shoot with waterproof phone case in water

Although a mobile phone equipped with a mobile phone waterproof case can be used to take pictures under the touch screen, it may not be suitable for the touch screen. At this time, you need to directly press the button to take pictures. Of course, when the mobile phone is used underwater, fog may appear .

So, in order to prevent such things from happening, when you use it, you can open the waterproof bag first, let the air cool, and then put it into the phone to seal it. There are two symmetrical windows on the back of the mobile phone waterproof bag for the camera to work. It is also made of high-transparent tpu material, which has no effect on photography. Of course, underwater photography is more affected by various factors. For example, the underwater light is weak and the focus is difficult to control. It is recommended to set the mobile phone camera to professional mode, manual focus and fill light, so that you can shoot better works. After shooting in the water, if you need to take out the phone, please put the seal down to prevent the residual water from entering the waterproof case.

Precautions for the use of waterproof mobile phone cases

Waterproof mobile phone cases with more sealing strips and thicker texture will have better waterproof effect. However, if they are immersed in water for too long or the water pressure is too high, even the best waterproof case will still be easy to enter. Because of the water situation, it is best to avoid using your mobile phone in the water. And if it is said that the waterproof case of the mobile phone is used in an environment where there is water around it, for safety reasons, before use, a waterproof test must be done first to check whether the sealing part of the waterproof case and the surrounding area are damaged.

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