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What about the supply capacity of android phone protection in Jolly?
To be able to meet the requirements of clients, Dongguan Jolly Industries Limited has established its own factory with large scale and introduced experienced staff. Equipped with innovative supply chain capability, we've established complete sales system to optimize testing, construction, packaging and transport process to enhance the efficiency. As android phone protection has become more popular, we now have our own storage capability to supply sufficient products to meet the needs of clients.

Jolly is an initiator in the industry of magnetic detachable phone case. personalised phone covers produced by Jolly is very popular in the market. universal phone cover are employed in the universal phone case body frame. The product protects the phone against dust and dirt. The product is enormously energy-efficient - 80-90% of its energy is turned into light rather than heat. It is a worthwhile investment and offers great benefits to users. The product can be simply folded into a stand.

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