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What are the accessories for Apple mobile phones? List of complete accessories for Apple mobile phones

by:Jolly     2021-12-11
As one of the popular mobile phone brands, it can be said that most people have at least one Apple mobile phone, and if you want to improve the sense of use, accessories are an indispensable part. So what accessories does Apple mobile phone have? In addition to the data cable, charger, and earphones that came with you when you purchased the phone, the phone case wholesale and protective film can protect the phone from bumps and damage. Below, the editor lists a complete list of Apple mobile phone accessories and shopping points to make your iPhone better.
1 Apple data cable The data cable of the iPhone is a Lightning interface, and there are 8Pin contacts on both sides of the interface, regardless of the front and back, don't worry about plugging in the wrong way, and the charging speed and data transmission speed are faster. When purchasing, in addition to the original data cable, you must choose a data cable that has passed Apple's MFi certification to avoid pop-ups and unavailability during the charging process.

2 Apple Charger

Apple charger has the characteristics of high charging efficiency, simple operation, light weight and small size. It can be charged quickly and conveniently at home, in the office, and on the road. It can also be used for any Apple Watch, Charge iPhone or iPad models. When purchasing, the original charger is the first choice. In addition, the chargers with CQC certification marks produced by regular manufacturers are guaranteed to be safe and compatible with Apple mobile phones. You can also choose.

3 Apple earphones Apple earphones include earbud type, in-ear type and wireless type. EarPods are randomly configured, comfortable to wear, and can greatly increase sound output, reduce sound loss, and bring high-quality audio. The wireless AirPods bring a new headset experience, which can be adapted to different Apple devices, is easy to operate, and has good sound quality. When purchasing, you can choose headphones with noise reduction function and excellent sound quality.

4 Apple phone case wholesale The phone case needs to be compatible with the iPhone model. The shape fits with the volume buttons and side buttons, and can fit closely to the lines of the fuselage without a feeling of redundancy. When purchasing, it is mainly to look at the material of the phone case. The silicone material is resistant to drop and wear, and has a soft feel; the leather material looks textured and more suitable for business people; the TPU clear water jacket is soft and not easy to deform, and the pattern is more personalized, and the price Affordable.

5 Apple protective film The Apple protective film needs to match iPhone8/8P/XR/XS and other models of mobile phones, fully protect the phone screen, and seamlessly fit with the main screen button, front camera lens, and sides. Pay attention to its hardness when purchasing. It is usually sufficient to choose a tempered film. Also, look at its light transmittance. The light transmittance of a high-quality protective film is usually about 95%. The easy-to-stick protective film has better adhesion and is not easy to appear. Bubbles, in addition, the protective film with oleophobic coating will not leave fingerprints, and the feeling of use is better.

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