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What are the advantages of the mobile phone film cutting machine?

by:Jolly     2022-01-13

Mobile phone film cutting machine can provide filming service for mobile phone shops, digital stores, etc., to provide all models of mobile phones on the market, so that the store can realize 'one machine can stick ten thousand kinds of filmAnd one of the products that digital merchants will be equipped with. Of course, the advantages of the mobile phone film cutting machine are not only 'one machine sticks ten thousand films

1: Reduce merchant inventory and cost of pressing goods

Because the diaphragm is unified, all products are Cutting on the unified film, so the merchant only needs to buy one film to meet the various needs of customers, so it can reduce the merchant's inventory and a certain amount of cost, and reduce the merchant's expenditure.

Two: The machine is suitable for cutting a variety of materials

Whether you want hydrogel film, high-definition color film, leather The film cutting machine can be applied to the pattern back film, the wood pattern back film or the stone pattern back film.

3: Data cloud storage, complete models

The mobile phone film cutting machine has a set of supporting cloud servers. It stores all kinds of mobile phone brands, models and other electronic digital product film data that customers need. You can easily call them out as long as you need them to make the products you want, which greatly facilitates the agents.

Four: Simple operation and stable system

It is precisely because the manufacturer has thought out all the problems, no matter it is Servers, operating systems, and product data. Therefore, as a merchant or agent, you only need to produce products according to the needs of customers. The operation is simpler and easier to learn.

5: Data visualization

For agents, you can check the production year, month, With daily data, machine data, product data and diaphragm production are adjusted according to customer needs. Market-oriented production can save costs even more.

The above are some of the advantages of the mobile phone film cutting machine. Of course, if there are more detailed accessories, let's talk about it today.

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