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What are the Android phone accessories? Play the new trend of communication, recommended Android mobile phone accessories

by:Jolly     2021-12-19

Android phones have become the choice of more and more people due to their price advantages, comprehensive and balanced performance, and rich styles. But to give full play to its functions, mobile phone accessories are indispensable. What are the Android mobile phone accessories? Among them, the data cable, charger, earphone, mobile phone case wholesale, and protective film are all indispensable. While allowing the mobile phone to run smoothly, it can also protect the mobile phone from bumps. Below, the editor lists a list of essential Android phone accessories and purchase points to let you play with the new trend of communication.

Android data cable

Android data cable includes Micro usb interface and Type-C interface. Among them, the Micro usb interface is similar to a trapezoid, the data cable can only be inserted from the front, most Android phones use this interface; and the Type-C interface is an emerging charging interface, the interface is oval, the data cable can be used on both sides Plug in, faster transmission speed, mobile phones like Huawei and Xiaomi all use this kind of interface.

Purchasing points: pay attention to the interface type. In addition, the optional nylon braided material is resistant to folding and not easy to break. The data line made of pure copper core material has lower resistance, which can improve the charging efficiency and allow The transmission process is more stable.

Android Charger

Android charger includes regular version, fast charging version and multi-port charging version. The fast charge version uses a high-voltage output design, with a fast charge data cable, which can quickly charge the phone; the multi-port Android charger can charge two smart devices at the same time. Generally speaking, Android chargers can charge digital devices such as mainstream Android phones and motherboards in the market.

Purchasing points: Choose products that have obtained CCC certification. In addition, they must also include the rated input voltage range, rated frequency range and other signs, which must match the mobile phone and are safer to use.

Android earphones

Android earphones include in-ear, earbud, wireless, etc., with good compatibility. Basically, Android phones can be used universally as long as the interfaces are the same. It can show clear mid-range, high-pitched and deep bass. The sound quality meets the needs of the public. In addition to listening to songs, it also supports call functions.

Purchasing points: In addition to the original headphones, headphones with anti-winding, noise reduction, and accurate analysis of the original sound quality are more worthy of choice.

Android Phone Cases

There are many types of Android phone cases, which need to be matched with the corresponding phone models. The holes must be precise and fit the phone naturally. The all-inclusive structure design can effectively cushion the impact and prevent the phone from being broken.

Shopping points: There are many kinds of mobile phone shell materials, silicone material is optional, strong drop resistance, light weight, good hand feeling, and rich pattern styles, to meet the preferences of different people, can be replaced frequently; transparent The hard phone case has a good texture and is not easy to turn yellow. It protects the phone and also restores the bare-metal feel.

Android mobile phone protective film

To match the Android protective film with the mobile phone model, the corresponding buttons and earpiece holes must be reserved and cover the mobile phone screen without leaving any gaps.

Shopping points: Usually tempered film is selected more, its light transmittance is good, it can also effectively protect the mobile phone screen; the hydraulic film is more suitable for the screen, not easy to white High value, thin and good hand feel; diamond film is not easy to leave fingerprints, high hardness, especially suitable for people who often play mobile phones.

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