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What are the applicable industries for small uv flatbed printers?

by:Jolly     2021-12-19

Before you are ready to enter the UV industry, please be sure to buy a UV machine for what service? What kind of products can this small UV printer you buy?

Where are your prospective customers?

After you have determined your industry and service personnel, you can know what machine you should buy. As for whether to buy large equipment or small equipment, it is recommended to read this article: buy UV equipment for large or small? .

Here is only to explain which industries small UV printers are suitable for.

Come and see if your industry is included in the following. Here are some more general industries that can be used.

1: Digital industry

Some small digital products need to print their own LOGO or personalized patterns, which are smaller than mobile phone cases and leather cases, etc.;

Two: Building and Building Materials Industry

The building and building materials industry also has a personalized market. You can choose pictures to be printed on glass sliding doors, small tiles, carpets, ceilings, wood panels, and cabinets. , Plexiglass panels and other media can make the building indoor and outdoor fully demonstrate personal characteristics and reflect cultural characteristics.

3: Advertising industry

The photographed landscapes, photos, promotional materials, etc. will be spray painted on glass, wood, textiles, aluminum panels, plexiglass panels, The surface of cardboard, acrylic sheet or metal sheet is used in advertising, exhibitions, billboards, reflective signs, signs, leather printing, airport media, exhibition advertising inkjet and other fields.

4: Personalized gift industry

Because the machine is small, the print format is limited, especially for small gifts or customized small products. Large room for development. Such as mobile phone cases, clothes, USB flash drives, gift cups and so on. Especially as people's requirements for humanized customized products are getting higher and higher, it will also bring development opportunities to this industry.

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