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What are the benefits of anti-radiation mobile phone sets to the human body|Mobile phone sets

by:Jolly     2021-12-23

What are the benefits of anti-radiation mobile phone cases for the human body|Mobile phone cases

We all know that everything is good and bad, just like our mobile phones, the appearance of mobile phones has brought a lot to our lives Convenient places make many impossible things become reality, but the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones will invisibly cause some harm to our bodies. This is inevitable. However, recently someone invented mobile phone holsters that prevent electromagnetic waves. Minimize the damage to the human body caused by the electromagnetic wave of the mobile phone. Next, Dongguan Qilai Leather Co., Ltd. will introduce some basic principles of anti-radiation to you: 1. There are two kinds of electromagnetic waves in the process of mobile phone communication, one is the signal transmitted between the base station and the mobile phone, this kind of electromagnetic wave It can be said to be everywhere, and it is impossible to prevent it, and because of the strength, as long as the mobile phone is used correctly, the harm caused by this electromagnetic wave to the human body is actually minimal. 2. As an electronic product, the mobile phone generates electromagnetic waves to support the operation of its various components. Just like refrigerators and other electrical appliances, electromagnetic waves are generated even if they are not communicating, and this electromagnetic wave is similar to the human body. The distance is the closest, and you need to pay attention to prevent it. 3. According to the working principle of the anti-radiation mobile phone case wholesale, if the material can completely shield the signal, in this (receiving/signal) situation, the frontal radiation of the mobile phone to the human body can be completely shielded. The radiation fabric is customized, so the side close to the fabric can greatly reflect and reduce the radiation intensity without disturbing the signal. There are already mature products of this kind on the market. Article source: Dongguan Qilai Leather Products Co., Ltd. is an integrated processing, production, customization, and sales. It specializes in the production of HTC mobile phone holsters, HTC mobile phone holster customization, and HTC mobile phone holster design. Manufacturer-Qilai Leather. Service hotline 400-858-681

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