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What are the customized contents of the mobile phone case?

by:Jolly     2021-12-08
Fashion and individuation have long infiltrated people's daily life in all areas of clothing, food, housing, and transportation, and have become the elements of current fashion. When the mobile phone as a communication tool has gradually become an indispensable part of people's daily life, the outer packaging box of the mobile phone regulations is also quietly undergoing changes. The mobile phone cases of different styles and patterns have changed. It has become a unique and beautiful scenery line of the mobile phone family, and it has become more and more popular among young fashion people. A mobile phone case wholesale that is full of artistic creativity, easy to use and stylish, not only can maintain your mobile phone It will not be harmed by bumps or falls. At the same time, it also highlights your fashion, simplicity, personalization and taste. The current extremely popular mobile phone case wholesale customization is the ability to make your own DIY according to your own hobbies, and become a unique mobile phone fashion clan. You can choose your own wedding photos, lovers' personalized photos, baby's love photos, and the whole family. Shows, photos of super idols, photos of good girlfriends, photos of college graduation, or personalized cute pictures, are also an excellent choice as a gift for lovers, good friends, and relatives. Accompanied by more and more people, at the same time, the clearly put forward needs are endless and there are many problems. The store also took pains to smell the business opportunities of entrepreneurship and threw a lot of hydrangea to achieve the pursuit of perfect fashion. Various regulations of a family. Whether it is from Taobao.com, gift websites, or stores, there are different series of products to choose from, be it classic or fashion, artistic graffiti photos, parent-child photos, fate in this life, immature age. There are various plans for the customization of mobile phone cases for everyone to choose from. You can also match some attributes you are interested in to make your phone unusual. The imaging principle of the mobile phone case is to use painted color to press high-temperature technology, that is, UV sheet printing, using a non-touch printing process, according to the computer's current mechanical automation, precise positioning to find the accurate part, and choose the beautiful The pictures are imported into the computer to carry out packaging printing and printing. This type of printing system has a faster printing speed, and the printed pattern design is bright in color, and is moisture-proof, sun-proof and isolated, non-fading and anti-wear. Compared with traditional mobile phone stickers, the customization of mobile phone case is not easy to fall off. The design of the pattern is exquisite and beautiful, and the material is unique, which makes the mobile phone more fashionable and fashionable. The choice of materials pays more attention to anti-collision and anti-fall And other actual effects. It is also not the same as other systems that require screen printing inks, hand-engraving, transfer paper, silk-screen printing, etc. From the perspective of various fields, the customized printing of mobile phone cases is particularly simple, convenient and convenient in practice. It not only prevents high costs, but also saves a lot of complicated operating procedures. Motivation is not as good as action. You choose, I make it. Hurry up and customize a personalized phone case wholesale for your phone. Change your phone to a fashionable and fashionable outfit to make your phone more outstanding. Different auras make your phone unusual, and it will never crash when you take it out.
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