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What are the materials needed for mobile phone shell DIY How to make mobile phone shell DIY stickers

by:Jolly     2021-12-17

One, what are the materials needed for mobile phone case wholesale diy

Mobile phone case diy equipment: 3D mobile phone makeup system software, cutting machine.

Materials needed for mobile phone case diy: mobile phone case, film sticker, etc.

Mobile phone case diy steps:

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1. The 3D system is a DIY processing factory for mobile phone shells, and all kinds of mobile phone shells can be made easily. Leather, cartoon, metal, frosted, diamond-encrusted, photo, three-dimensional, all can be easily made.

2. First select the corresponding case model through the 3D mobile phone makeup system software, and cut it out.

3. According to the outline of the shell, paste it accordingly. The back of the material comes with adhesive, so you can paste it directly.

4. If you want to make it more in place, the side strips can also be pasted, so that it will be more textured!

Second, how to make diy stickers for mobile phone cases

Mobile phone shell diy sticker equipment tools: 3D mobile phone beauty software, mobile phone beauty film, mobile phone beauty special scraper.

Mobile phone case diy sticker steps:

1. First use 3D mobile phone beauty software to draw the model size of your mobile phone.

2, preview the effect, after confirming, click print, load the printing film, and print out the picture.

3. Laminating and cutting are required after printing out the picture.

4. After that, paste the picture directly into the blank grooved phone case.

Three, diy rhinestone mobile phone case tutorial

Materials/tools needed for diy rhinestone phone case: phone case, large and small rhinestones, E6000 glue (AB glue is also OK), film drawing, scissors, drill pen, tweezers, triangle plate.

Steps of diy rhinestone phone case wholesale:

1. Cut out the drawing of the film according to the size of the phone case wholesale, put it into the phone case, and glue it with transparent glue if it is not too fixed.

2, first paste the outline with a drill, then the drawing can be removed.

3. Continue to paste the drill until it is full.

4. After the glue dries, the exquisite DIY diamond-encrusted mobile phone case is finished, brilliant!

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